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Vehicle output off 63.6% Y-O-Y in January-May

By provisional data of ASM Holding, Russia’s vehicle output fell 63.6% on the year to 271,997 units in January-May 2009.

Total car output fell 61.5% on the year to 230,234 units in January-May, whereas output of domestic models fell 67.9%, and that of locally built foreign models fell 52.1%...

Harvester output up 3.3% Y-O-Y in January-May

Russia’s grain harvester output grew 3.3% on the year to 5,081 units in January-May 2009. Of the total number produced, domestic models amounted to 3,703 units, while assembly of foreign models (at Bryanskselmash Plant and Claas LLC) grew 7.4 times to 1,378 units...

Continuing decrease of tractor production in Russia

The total number of agricultural and industrial tractors produced in Russia in January-April 2009 was 3,044 units, which corresponds to 41.3% of their output in January-April 2008.

Increase of tractor output was only reported by state-owned Uralvagonzavod (+6.7% year-on-year). KAMAZ in January-April 2009 produced 147 tractors...

Automotive production in Russia continues to fall

ASM analysts report that the economic crisis causes further decrease of motor vehicle production. Total output of cars in January-April 2009 decreased to 182,899 units or fell by 60.9% as compared with the first 4 months in 2008.

Output of foreign-branded cars in January-April 2009 was 92,327 units, which corresponds to 50.2% of January-April 2008 output. Companies operating in the “industrial assembly” regime have made 71,556 cars or 64.6% of January-April 2008 level of output...

Fall of vehicle production in Russia in January-March 2009
By ASM Holding data, after the 7.4% total annual growth in 2008, production of motor vehicles in Russia in Q1 2009 fell 2.9 times as compared with that in Q1 2008. Total output of motor vehicles was 143,953 units in Q1 2009 vs. 414,208 units in Q1 2008.
OICA Council Meeting

The regular OICA Council meeting was held on March 4, 2009, in Geneva. The Council is the managing board of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

Foreign brand car sales slowdown in November

 The Automobile Manufacturers Committee at the Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation has reported that in November 2008 new foreign makes’ sales in Russia totaled 136,554 units, some 19% less than last October and 15% less than in November 2007. This was despite discounts of up to 20% off retail prices.

Still steady growth of Russia’s automobile output
 Preliminary data of ASM Holding, which monitors Russia’s automotive sector, show that automobile output in Russia increased 12.0% on the year to 1,693,522 units in January-November 2008.

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