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XX International Automotive Conference

«Results of the Russian Automotive Industry work in 2011.

ÎÅÌ and OES strategies in the medium-term outlook»


14 December 2011


Registration of the conference participants: from 9:00 to 10:00


Measures of state support and regulation of the automotive industry in the frames of realization of the second stage of the Russian Auto Industry Development Strategy up to 2020.

Alexei Rakhmanov, Director, Department of Automotive Industry and Agricultural Machinery, Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry


The current state of negotiations on Russia’s accession to the WTO.
Viktor Batanin, Divisional Manager, Department of Trade Negotiations, Russia’s Economic Development Ministry


On the Free Trade Zone of CIS countries: main advantages for national manufacturers and providers of services.

Andrei Kushnirenko, Director, Department of Economic Cooperation, CIS Executive Committee


Implementation of investment projects in Kaluga Region for development of motor vehicle and automotive component production. Invited to speak: Ruslan Zalivatsky, Kaluga Region Economic Development Minister


Russian automarket in 2011 and prospects of its further development.

Invited to speak: Stanley Root, Head of Automotive Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia B.V.


AVTOVAZ development programme and component base issues.
Invited to speak: Yevgeny Shmelev, Vice President – Technical Development, AVTOVAZ OAO


Outlook for quality improvement of diesel fuels and petrol in Russia.
Vladimir Bulatnikov,
Chief Technologist, VNII NP (Petroleum Industry R&D Institute) OAO


Development of competency centres in the automotive industry.

Invited to speak: Ilya Minkin, Deputy Director for scientific work, VNIINMASH R&D Institute


Main development lines of military motor vehicles for the period up to 2020.

Invited to speak: Sergei Kopchenov, Expert Group Leader, Military Science Committee, RF Armed Forces General Staff


Truck manufacturing development trends in Russia.

Ashot Arutyunyan, Marketing Director, KAMAZ Inc.


Automotive industry challenges in Ulyanovsk Region.
Speaker TBA. Government of Ulyanovsk Region.


Trends and forecasts of the auto parts market.

Ivan Bonchev, Head of Automotive Practice, Ernst & Young CIS


Development of Renault-Nissan Alliance’s automotive business in Russia.
Speaker TBA. Company representative.


Issues of Kia Motors Rus automobile business development in Russia.
Invited to speak: Artem Gusarov, General Director, Kia Motors Rus OOO


Development prospects of the automotive suppliers sector in Russia.

Mikhail Blokhin, Executive Director, National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK)


On Ford Sollers Holding’s development plans in conditions of the new “industrial assembly” regime. Invited to speak: Eduard Karibov, Logistics Director, Ford Sollers Holding OOO


Market of auto loans today. Specific features of the national automobile credit.

Speaker TBA. Representative, RusFinance Bank OOO.


AMO ZIL Plant development strategy for a medium-term perspective. Ways out of the crisis.

Invited to speak: Igor Zakharov, General Director, AMO ZIL


Elaboration of hi-tech solutions in the field of electric transport and energy storage systems.

Speaker TBA. Representative, MOBEL OOO.

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