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Sponsorship package

Dear Colleagues,

ASM Holding invites you to become a sponsor of the First Moscow Conference on Bus Industry to be held 26 October 2010.

The sponsorship package includes the following offerings:

  1. Placement of the Sponsor’s advertising and logo on the printed agenda of the Conference.
  2. Placement of the Sponsor’s ads in the Conference’s documentation package for delegates.
  3. Placement of an advertisement hoarding (‘roll-up’) or a banner in the Conference hall.
  4. Distribution of the Sponsor’s booklets, leaflets and other advertising/ information products among the Conference participants.
  5. Granting additional sitting places in the Conference hall.
  6. Presentation of the Sponsor’s company and its products during the Conference.
  7. Lunch/ buffet lunch with the Sponsor’s company presentation, paid by the Sponsor.
  8. Distribution of the Sponsor’s advertising materials at forthcoming events organized by ASM Holding – round tables, conferences, forums and exhibitions.
  9. Placement of the Sponsor’s logo on the website of ASM Holding.
  10. Placement of the Sponsor’s advertising materials and logo in ASM Holding’s publications and collection of papers summarizing the Conference.

We are also ready to consider your suggested versions of sponsorship participation in the Conference.

Contacts: Tel. +7(495) 626 0495; 626 0471;

+7(495) 626 0527 Yuri Kravtsov (foreign participants)


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