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First Russian International Conference on Commercial Transport


21 April 2010

21/5, Kuznetsky Most St., Moscow, Entrance 7,

Grand Conference Hall (4th floor). Kuznetsky Most Metro Station

Plenary session


Registration and coffee


Welcome address

Conference Co-Chairs:

Nikolai Lyamov, Deputy Minister, Russia Ministry of Transport

Alexander Kovrigin, Ph.D., First Vice Chairman, Committee for Automotive Businesses at the Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Deputy Managing Director, ASM Holding

Igor Korovkin, Ph.D., Executive Director, Association of Russian Automakers (OAR)


Commercial motor vehicles and their role in modern economy. Requirements to commercial vehicles for Russian road carriers.

Nikolai Lyamov, Deputy Minister, Russia Transport Ministry


Russian truck manufacturers are to meet needs of the Defense Ministry

Dmitry Sozi, Deputy Director (Science), Dmitry Voroshilov, Head of Department, NIII 21 R&D Institute, Russia Ministry of Defense


Results of automotive manufacturers in commercial vehicles’ production and development trends for the next 5 years

Alexander Kovrigin, Ph.D., Deputy Managing Director, ASM Holding


Russian truck market. KAMAZ development plans for 2010.

Ashot Arutyunov, Marketing Director, KAMAZ Inc.


Perspective directions in strategy of raising efficiency of road haulage in Russia

Ildar Urmanov, Director, Product Promotion and Communications, Volvo Vostok LLC




Legislative requirements to commercial motor vehicles in Russia and abroad; development of technical regulations, their compliance with European rules and standards.

Mikhail Nizov, General Director, Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP)


Customs policy in the sphere of commercial transport development

Elena Milinova, Director, Corporate Finance and Communications with Government Bodies, KAMAZ Inc.


Perspective engineering projects of KAMAZ commercial vehicles

Yevgeny Makarov, Deputy Chief Designer – New Developments, KAMAZ Inc.


Commercial vehicles and engines for them: perspective projects of GAZ Group

Leonid Dolgov, Managing Director, GAZ Automobile Plant OOO


Specific features in development of the market of commercial vehicles’ leasing in Russia

Alexander Mikhaylov, Vice President for Business Development, Europlan


Turkey as a leader of commercial vehicle production in the European Union

Evren Belenlioglu, Representative in Russia, ULUDAG Exporter Association, Embassy of Turkey in the Russian Federation

14.30 – 15.00 LUNCH


Commercial vehicles for agricultural use

Nikolai Sorokin, Dr (Econ), Deputy Director, Department of Scientific & Technological Policies and Education, Russia Ministry of Agriculture


Scania in Russia

Tatyana Kolesnikova, Technical Director, Scania-Peter


Negotiations with the WTO and challenges of interaction between the EU and the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan) in the field of commercial road haulage

Viktor Batanin, Councilor, Department of Trade Negotiations, Russia Economic Development Ministry


Structure and current state of the truck parc (commercial vehicles in use) in Russia

Sergei Udalov, Deputy Director, AUTOSTAT Analytic Agency


About measures of state support of using natural gas as a motor fuel for road transport

Alexei Serezhenkin, Deputy Executive Director, Association of Russian Automakers (OAR)


Discussion and adoption of the conference recommendations on measures for development of commercial transport in the next 5 years

The draft recommendations will be placed on the ASM Holding’s website ( on 14 April 2010

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