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Dear Colleagues,

The Committee for Automotive Businesses at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Russian Federation (CCI RF), ASM Holding, the RF Industry and Trade Ministry, the RF Economic Development Industry, the Association of Russian Automakers (OAR), and the National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK) are going to hold the 18th International Automotive Conference on the subject: Results of the Russian Automotive Industry work in 2009. Measures necessary to overcome crisis in the auto industry. Outlooks for development of the auto industry in 2010.

The Conference will be focused on sizing-up of work of automotive companies and the Russian auto industry at whole through 2009 in conditions of the economic crisis; determination of outlooks for its development in the near and long-term perspectives; assessment of the impact of international integration on establishment of the Russian automobile market. Discussions will also be held over specific features of interaction between the state and business, as well as challenges of providing technological independence of the industry in conditions of global integration processes. It is also intended to discuss proposals on improvement of the taxation system in order to intensify innovative development of manufacturers.

The Conference will be held on 16 December 2009 at the St Petersburg Hall,

Le Royal Meridien National,

Mokhovaya Street, 15/1, bldg 1, (Central entrance from Mokhovaya St.)

We hope to get your decision concerning participation in the Conference as soon as possible. Your early feedback will help the Organisers prepare the Conference on a high level and in due time.

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Yours sincerely,

Alexander Kovrigin

First Vice Chairman

CCI RF Committee for Automotive Businesses,

Deputy Managing Director

ASM Holding

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