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Dear Colleagues,

In the frames of the 5th International Motor Show “InterAuto 2009”, Committee for Automotive Businesses at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI RF), ASM Holding, NAMI as the leading R&D centre for the automotive industry in Russia, and Association of Russian Automakers (OAR) will hold on 27 August 2009 the 11th annual conference “Engines for Russian Automobiles”. The Department of Automotive Industry and Agricultural Engineering at the RF Industry and Trade Ministry gives its support to that event. The conference venue will be Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, Moscow.

The conference will focus on:

· Discussion over problems and making suggestions on development of the Russian automotive industry in the field of propulsion engineering;

· Acquaintance with results of new research and spotlighting efficient scientific and industrial projects in Russian and foreign engine manufacturing.

Traditionally, among the conference speakers there will be officials of federal executive bodies, top managers and lead specialists of both domestic and international firms dealing in research, development and production of automotive engines and powertrain components, as well as representatives of banks, investment companies and consulting firms.

We have pleasure in inviting you and your company’s specialists to take part in the conference as attendees or to speak on one of the following issues within the conference’s subject:

- scientific and technical policies in the field of automotive engine manufacturing;

- specific features of development of corporate engine-manufacturing business structures;

- the current state and development problems of the branch of engine components and electronics;

- integrated approach to meeting environmental requirements for automotive engines;

- application of non-traditional fuels;

- other development directions in the field of engine manufacturing.

If you consider giving a presentation at the conference, will you please let us know the speaker’s name and position, as well as the topic of the speech. Your proposals on speaking at the conference should reach us before 15 May 2009. For eventual sponsors, a set of sponsorship package options is offered. To monitor the course of preparation for the event, or to learn how to become a conference participant or sponsor, kindly visit our web-site:

As usual, the work of the conference will be summarized in a collection of papers being published following the event and available for a wide circle of interested companies and specialists engaged in propulsion engineering.

Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to get acquainted with all automotive exhibitions held at Crocus Expo from 26 August to 30 August 2009.

We will be happy to welcome you at the 11th International Automotive Conference “Engines for Russian Automobiles” next August.

Contact phone and fax numbers:

+7 (495) 621 6260, 621 0287 Victor Pashkov

+7 (495) 626 0139, fax 621 7546 Yuri Kotlyarov, Project Director

+7 (495) 626 0188, fax 626 0924 Galina Kravtsova


Sincerely yours,

Conference Organisers

Committee for Automotive Businesses, CCI RF

ASM Holding

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