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Dear Colleagues,

Lenexpo OAO, the Association of Russian Automakers (OAR), the National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK), and ASM Holding, supported by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, the RF Ministry of Economic Development, Committee for Automotive Businesses at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and North-West Federal District Administration, will hold on 30 October 2008 in St. Petersburg, in the frames of the 16th “Auto + Automechanika” International Specialised Exhibition, an automotive conference on the subject “Main trends in localisation of automotive component manufacture for assembly operations in the Russian Federation”.

The conference is targeted at the following issues:

- discussion over challenges and prospects of supplying vehicle assembly operations with high-quality modern automotive components;

- outlooks for “industrial assembly” and localisation of component production for foreign vehicle models in Russia;

- determining the most efficient ways for attraction of investment in development of the automotive sector;

- analysis and evaluation of consequences of globalisation trends for development of automobile manufacturing in Russia for a near perspective;

- suggesting the most efficient forms of interaction between the State and business in terms of improvement of tax and customs legislation.

Invited to speak at the conference are senior officials of federal and regional executive bodies, top managers and specialists of motor vehicle assemblers and component suppliers, industrial scientists, representatives of banks, investment firms, leasing companies and automotive product certification authorities.

We have pleasure in inviting you and your company’s specialists to attend the conference. Will you please consider possibility of speaking at the conference with a paper/ presentation within the conference’s subject. If your decision is yes, kindly let us know the title of the suggested paper/ presentation, and the name and position of the speaker. Your proposal on giving a speech at the conference should reach us by 10 August at the latest, while the deadline for submission of an abstract (or a paper) is 20 September 2008.

The delegates will be granted free entry to the “Auto + Automechanika” Fair for all visitor days. A collection of papers delivered at the conference will be published following the event.

We at ASM Holding are looking forward to having received your confirmation of attending the conference (the filled Registration Form, see attachment). Your early proposal on participation will facilitate the in-time and high-level preparation of the conference. For current information on the conference please visit website

Yours sincerely,

ASM Holding

The Conference Organisers

Contacts (phone/fax):

+7(495) 621-6260, 621-0200, 626-0287 Victor Pashkov;

+7(495) 926-0041 Alexander Nechushkin;

+7(812) 575-0193 Yevgeny Mukhin


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